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I do believe currently you want Sports & Fitness Features item, and that means you are within the right website. At this point you are reading through COURT GRIP TRACTION “GUARDDAWG” write-up. And also I am hoping you’ll find beneficial information within right here before you decide to acquire Sports & Fitness Features product. At this time I want to reveal COURT GRIP TRACTION “GUARDDAWG”. Small data that COURT GRIP TRACTION “GUARDDAWG” item is made simply by Tagdawgs company.

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THE TAGDAWGS WAY ( To enhance our individual performance, we need the right equipment. It is with this in mind that the Tagdawgs product line was created. We designed these products for people who are looking for peace of mind, security and safety while they are playing court sports or simply engaging in the activity of life. GUARDDAWG Court Grip Traction allows you to get rid of the dust and the dirt from under your court shoes without leaving the court. Optimize your athletic performance, safety, security, and hygiene by wearing GUARDDAWGS. No more slipping. No need for sticky mats, sprays, powders, licking fingers, or using wet towels. Stickiness or tackiness on your court shoes when you need it GUARDDAWG FEATURES: Patent-pending anti-slip technology. Front-side provides an anti-slip/non-slip, improved traction control solution for athletic court shoes with back-side providing a water-resistant shoe wallet/pocket to carry your valuables with you on the go! No need to worry about your money, keys, or jewelry in your gym bag, locker, or car – keep them on your person at all times • Moisten and/or clean your court shoes any time there is a break in play • Durable, long-lasting, light-weight, flexible, contoured fit • Easy to attach, or remove • Shoelace knot securing cover • Washable, easily dried materials • Includes ID card and two TECHNOSLIPS TECHNOSLIP FEATURES: Flexible, semi-rigid stick wrapped in highly absorbent cellulose sponge and microfiber material designed for maximum water retention. The amount of pressure you apply to the Technoslip will determine how much water is released. The stick holds the water and also traps the dust and dirt from your shoe when you swipe your foot on it SIMPLE AND EASY TO USE! Go to to see product use videos, 3D animation instructions for use, other products, and more. TAGDAWGS your Stay in the Game solution!

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